Sunday, June 6, 2010

Month of Movies

So I finished up my Month of Movies! It was so much fun, so thanks Dan for the great idea! And to Tammy for her great reviews!

Here are my "awards":

*Best Movie - Heavenly Creatures. Everyone needs to see this movie.

*Worst Movie - Nothing on earth will EVER come close to the disaster that is The Room. However, it was highly entertaining.

*Most Boring Movie - Tron was so freaking boring. I almost turned it off a couple times.

*Most Surprised That I Liked It: Gran Torino. I really thought it would be super boring.

*Most Surprised That I Didn't Like It: Robin Hood

*Saddest Movie: I watched a lot of sad ones, but Schindler's List definitely wins.

*Funniest Movie: Althought it was unintentional, The Room.

*Weirdest Movie: Better Off Dead - dancing hamburgers? Really?

*Most Confusing Movie: Primer


  1. lol, i need to see "The Room" - I'm going to try and see it soon.

  2. Please, please watch it. And please write a review. I NEED someone else to see this movie so I can talk about it to them...haha.