Saturday, June 5, 2010

2000 - The Skulls

This was another kinda stupid movie about a "secret society" that supposedly exists at Ivy League schools. Like yesterday's movie, it also stars a bunch of WB television actors. However, this movie was much more interesting than "Varsity Blues". Thank God.

The plot was interesting and moved quickly. Luke (Joshua Jackson) is invited to join "The Skulls", a secret elite society, hoping that it will help him get into Harvard Law. However, his roommate has been investigating The Skulls and end up mysteriously committing suicide. Luke believes his roommate was murdered and learns the dark side of The Skulls through his investigations.

Random Thoughts:
-Another Paul Walker movie! Geez, I seem to be doing these things in twos. If tomorrow’s movie has Joshua Jackson in it, I’m officially freaked out.
-It’s also my 2nd mostly-WB-cast-members movie. Again, we have Dawson’s Creek (Joshua Jackson) and Popular (Leslie Bibb).

3.5/5 stars. All in all, it wasn't a GREAT movie, but it was entertaining. Pretty mediocre.

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