Saturday, June 5, 2010

2006 - The Devil Wears Prada

Ugh. Where do I even begin on this horrible film? I was expecting a light-hearted comedy about a mean boss. Instead I was constantly hit over the head with how unfashionable and fat I am. Great. So much for a fun movie.

I hate chick flicks. There are very few I will actually go see and even fewer that I enjoy. I wasn't expecting this one to be amazing or anything, but I definitely did not expect to get as pissed off as I did at it.

The plot is basically Anne Hathaway (I don't even remember her characters name, nor do I feel like looking it up because I hate this movie) gets a job as an assistant to the editor of a top fashion magazine. However, she is unfashionable and fat (i.e. a size F-ING SIX!!).

And about the size 6 is fat thing, I do realize that as a model or whatever, that is considered "fat". I think that's stupid, but I do realize that's how it is. I gave the movie the benefit of the doubt and figured they were maybe making fun of it in a satirical way or just being realistic for the business. But when they CONSTANTLY throughout the movie talk about how fat a size 6 is and then at the end-get this-she tells everyone how proud she is because she now a size FOUR. I cannot even express how angry I was at the message this was putting out to young girls and teenagers.

So basically, I watched this movie and was absolutely seething by the end. I wanted to turn it off so bad. Normally, I think these types of movies just suck and are boring, but this one took the cake with infuriating me.

Random Thoughts:
-Ugh. I am so tired of them referring to Anne Hathaway as fat. This is why girls have eating disorders.
-So far this is what I’ve learned from this movie: As a size 6, I am a cow and probably shouldn’t live, you should always change who you are in order to please your boss/coworkers, and your job should ALWAYS come before your boyfriend, friends and any semblance of a life you might have.
-Oh thank God she got her fatass size 6 down to a 4. I hate this movie.

A size 18. That's what it deserves. I'd give it zero stars, but a zero is perfection to these idiots.

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