Saturday, June 5, 2010

1998 - Rush Hour

For some reason, I have seen the 2nd or 3rd "Rush Hour". I think I was with a group of people and I had no idea which one it was. But I had never seen the first movie. It's your typical white cop (or Asian in this case) who is forced to work with a black cop (who is of course hilarious...haven't we seen this a million times before?). Comedy ensues, then they end up best friends. Blah. So predictable and boring.

It wasn't even that funny. It wasn't AWFUL, but not as funny as I thought it would be. Honestly, my favorite part the bloopers they showed during the end credits. I watched this a week or so ago, and I can barely even remember it. It's forgettable at best.

Random Thoughts:
-I love that Jackie Chan thinks that the only reason the fake LAPD ID won’t work for him is because he’s not 6’1”, not because the picture is of a black guy with an afro.
- I watched this movie on FX and honestly, the funniest part was the bloopers they showed at the end credits.

2/5 stars. Just kind of blah. Wouldn't watch again.

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