Saturday, June 5, 2010

1995 - The Net

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Honestly, I didn't really think much about it, so I had no idea that the "net" the title refers to in the Internet. I just picked it because I generally like Sandra Bullock and she was in Speed just a year before this movie and I really like that movie. I do remember shelf reading this movie at Steelman Library (and getting really mad when people put it under the "T's" instead of the "N's"...what is so hard about using correct alphabetical order???)

Since it was 1995, the Internet was still fairly new and scary. This movie is based upon the fears that anyone can get your information when it is readily available online. Sandra Bullock (I love her...she just seems so down to earth, like she could be your friend or neighbor!) is a computer hacker/programmer/geek/whatever. Basically, she's really good with computers. She receives some disk to look at for a friend, but when her friend mysteriously dies, she realized that someone is after the disk, which contains some top secret information.

The plot is pretty simple and I thought it would maybe be a little boring, especially since computers and the Internet are pretty much nothing like they were in 1995. However, it really kept my interest! It had great pacing that kept the story moving along, but didn't convolute it with too much technical jargon that the common person couldn't follow. I hate it when thrillers get too wrapped up in themselves and the viewer can barely even follow what's going on.

It makes me feel old to think that the Internet (at least when it was available to the public) started in my lifetime. The Internet first went public in 1993 when I was 8 years old. kids are going to think I'm ancient. But yeah, remember how SCARY people thought the Internet was back then?

Random Thoughts:
-How come you could order pizza online at “” in 1995?? It took Pizza Hut until a few years ago to be able to do that!
-How has Sandra Bullock not aged in 15 years?
-How stupid can you be to run a dingy into a huge rock like that when you’re running away from someone?
-Floppy discs!!

3.5/5 stars. It wasn't something I'd exactly rush out and buy, but I did genuinely enjoy watching it.

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