Saturday, June 5, 2010

1997 - Anaconda

Oh wow. Where to start with this movie? I think pretty much everyone but me has already seen this movie and know the plot. Basically a documentary crew get lost in the Amazon and end up getting chased by a giant snake.

This is a horrible movie. However, it was one of those movies that is so bad, it's actually enjoyable. I mean Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube, seriously? The snake was the most fake thing I have ever seen. And this movie was release FOUR years after Jurassic Park so there is no excuse for that. I'm assuming it just had a tiny budget. (Nevermind. According to IMDB, "The CGI for the Anaconda cost $100,000 a second". So they had no excuse.

It was cheesy as HECK. I normally really don't like J.Lo as an actress (or a singer for that matter). She usually just irritates me. She wasn't too bad (irritating-wise) in this movie. I mean she was horrible as an actress, but so was everyone else.

So, Anaconda was fun. It was a horrible, horrible movie, but it made me laugh at the bad acting, bad plot lines, and bad special effects. And it was short, running only slightly under an hour and a half.

Random Thoughts:
-J.Lo AND Ice Cube? How can this film go wrong??
-Speaking of which, how on earth did they get top billing over Jon Voight?
-WOW. I didn’t even know Owen Wilson was in this.
-Will someone please get J.Lo a bra? Its only 14 minutes in and I’ve practically seen her boobs twice already.
-I cannot stop laughing at how fake that snake looks.

3 stars. It would get one for being bad but it gets 2 bonus stars for being highly entertaining due to the badness.

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