Saturday, June 5, 2010

2009 - Up

I really an not big on cartoons, so I never saw this even though everyone seemed to love it. So I figured I'd check it out since the point of this was to try stuff we wouldn't normally watch.

I really loved the beginning of this movie. I cried. The back story of the guy and his wife was so cute and touching. I loved the little boy scout kid. He was seriously adorable. As usual, Pixar did an amazing job with the graphics.

However, the talking dogs absolutely killed the movie for me. I know that sounds kind of weird, but I have this thing about talking dogs. They just really annoy me for some reason.

Random Thoughts:
-Why are cartoon kids to ridiculously cute??
-I can’t cry this early in a movie!
-This is my 2nd cranky old man movie in a row.
-Ugh. One of my pet peeves is talking cartoon dogs. AHH! There’s more than one! This movie just got ruined.

3/5 stars. It would have been MUCH higher if they took out the stupid talking dogs. Ugh....I HATE talking dogs!

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