Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1983 - Risky Business

I had high expectations for this movie. Everyone has heard of it, especially the infamous Tom-dancing-in-his-underwear scene. And I love 80's Tom Cruise (blame Legend and my love for 80's fantasy movies).

However, I was not particularly blown away by "Risky Business". It was more of a drama/comedy than a straight up comedy like I thought it was. I guess I expected it to be funnier and really it was kinda boring at times.

Totally worth it for this scene.

Basically, high schooler Joel (Tom Cruise) is left home alone for a weekend while his parents are out of town. He unwittingly ends up running a brothel out of house for a prostitute he hired (who also robbed him). He kind of gets black mailed into the brothel thing in order to get his stuff back that was stolen. It doesn't really work out as planned. Never trust a prostitute.

For some reason, I had always thought that the brothel was his idea and that was the main theme of the movie. In fact, I was beginning to think this movie didn't even have a brothel because it wasn't even brought up until pretty far into the movie. It's not even really a main plot.

It wasn't a bad movie, but not particularly memorable either, other than the one scene. But at least I can finally cross it off my "to see" list.

The "Memo Minder" was my favorite part.

Random Thoughts:
-The "Memo Minder". I guess they didn't have answering machines in 1982. It was basically a notepad with flashing lights that you took telephone messages with.
-Tom Cruise completely improvised the dancing in his underwear scene.
-What on earth happened to Tom Cruise?? Nevermind. I blame Scientology.
-Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage auditioned for the part of Joel.

2.5/5 stars. Not bad, but not that great either. Something I might play in the background while I'm doing something else if it happens to be on cable.

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