Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, I've come to the conclusion that in high school and college I would buy ANY movie if it was cheap enough. I remember watching this movie in high school and thinking it was terrible and for some reason I bought it a few years later? I have no clue.

Abandon is a "thriller" (and I use that word loosely because it's not really that "thrilling") starring Katie Holmes before she went to the dark side. Oh, and Benjamin Bratt. Katie plays a girl named Katie who is kind of weird and in college (or maybe grad school...who knows). Her douchbag boyfriend disappeared a couple years ago and for some reason they are just now trying to figure out what happened to him. Benjamin Bratt is the cop assigned to the case. Oh and he's an alcoholic (although that has nothing to do with the story?).

Abandon was trying to be all creepy and mysterious with a twist ending, but it failed miserably. First of all, all the actors sounded like they were reading for a screen test. Everything was so scripted sounding and nothing felt natural. Also, there are a ton of scenes that don't really have anything to do with ANYTHING. Like when they went to that party and got drunk. There was NO point to that. Also the cop is an alcoholic thing. Why randomly show him at an AA meeting then barely bring it up again? We also learn in the AA meeting that the cop apparently woke up an found blood and hair under his car from the night before. This also never comes up again and has nothing to do with anything.

Also, what college has these creepy cubicles that they rent out in their basement? Katie had all kinds of personal stuff in this study cubicle, including pictures and Post-it she owns a cubicle in the library basement? It was weird. Not to mention the library was always abandoned (and apparently open 24 hours a day) and really creepy.

What was the deal with the seizure inducing party scene anyways?? It was like 10 straight minutes of bright, quick flashes of light from hell. It was really weird and I'm still trying to figure out if they were drunk or high or both. Actually, scratch that, I don't really care. It was another pointless scene.

I hated Emery (the missing ex-boyfriend). He was such a jerk. I have no idea why she liked him. She had sex with him after he made of fun of her and threw her planner and textbook out the window. This is a horrible relationship, so I don't really care what happened to him.

2/5 stars. The twist ending wasn't that original, but it kept it from being a total bore. I still don't know why I own this.

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  1. I liked this movie, haha. This was one of the first movies, if not the first, that I saw in theaters by myself. A Latina sitting in front of me turned around and said (accent and all) "Are you all alone?" I wanted to reply "Are you legal?" but I just refrained.