Friday, July 23, 2010


I remember seeing this movie in the theater and I've read the short story it is based on, but I have no clue what happened in it. That should have told me something.

I know it's about a haunted hotel room, but that's about it. I have no clue why I bought this movie. It wasn't particularly memorable. It must have been really cheap.

It's about a "haunted places" writer, Mike Enslin (John Cusack), who stays in a supposedly haunted hotel room so he can write about it in his next book. Room 1408 has killed over 50 people, but Mike doesn't believe in ghosts.

1408 has a stellar supporting cast including Samuel L. Jackson as the hotel manager and Tony Shalhoub as Mike's editor. However, 90% of the movie is just Mike and Room 1408, which might be why it got a little boring. You can only watch so much of a room physically and mentally abusing a guy.

Some of the movie was just stupid. The hotel manager tells Mike that electronics don't work in the room - which is why there is not a magnetic key. But Mike's laptop works fine and so does the digital clock by the bed. Also, he can't get cell phone service, but he can get wireless internet to his computer?

2/5 stars. I'm just kind of in the middle with this movie. It wasn't particularly bad, but it just wasn't memorable. The short story by Stephen King was much better.

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